What is Love and Salvage

Love an Salvage is our way of saving perfectly good materials from ending up in landfill. 

Since 2015 we have been scouring eBay for interesting old jackets to turn into bags. 

It’s staggering that leather, a durable material that is so costly to produce, is so frequently binned. The leather in the picture below was salvaged from an office refurbishment.

reclaimed leather

Only discarded leather makes it into our bags. We work with vintage clothing we have sourced ourselves and offcuts from a furniture upholsterer and the occasional sofa!

In late 2016 we began to run handbag workshops. Handbags are a life necessity and have become an expression of our style and personality. The workshops are popular and they are a fun way to show people that they can make their own leather bag, whilst also tackling waste. 

This bag was designed and made by a student over two sessions. A great transformation of a 1980's jacket.

sewing class transformation

So thats us! We hand-make fun luxury accessories out of leather taken from the waste cycle. And, our workshops encourage students to do the same.