Painting: Tips and Techniques

This is where painting and pattern techniques guides live. Leopard, tape stencils and comic lips.. Anything we can think of will live in our blog section, so use it as a resource for your paintable kits.

But remember:

  1. Make a paper clutch first. This trial run will help you work out your design.
  2. Get a feel for the paints and the brushes by testing them on a scrap.
  3. Acetone can remove mistakes - test first and be fast and gentle.
  4. A hairdryer on wet paint is useful if you need to apply lots of coats. 
  5. Leather paint takes 48 hours to cure properly.

This next video is part of a series on painting leopard print. It can be really difficult to get a consistent pattern over a big surface, so this is a method I've found really helpful for me. However, please excuse the video quality, it's POOR!