Upcycle An Old Jacket
Upcycle An Old Jacket

Upcycle An Old Jacket

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This class runs over two sessions.

Breath life into an old jacket by upcycling it on this workshop.

Old jackets have a story to tell and ready-made detail that you can incorporate into your own design. This workshop encourages you to see the value that already exists in old clothes and turn them into something new.

You will:
1) Decide on details to use in your bag
2) Understand bag construction
3) Use a sewing machine and leather tools
4) Cut, sew and use finishing treatments

Why you should do this course:
Upcycling is a practical way of using what is already in existence and it helps the planet by keeping materials in use - and out of landfill - for as long as possible. 

What is provided: Tea and Coffee are provided, we take 45 minutes for lunch.

Bring your own jacket. Find one in a local charity shop, or choose from a huge selection on ebay

This workshop takes two sessions to complete. Dates can be arranged following the confirmation email. We will chat about designs and ideas before the class.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available for every workshop, we will post them out if you request them.

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