Tote Bag Workshop

Philippa's sister got her a workshop for Christmas!! This was a double win, because the workshop also gave Philippa a chance to develop new skills and confidence with sewing leather and she needed a new bag and she wanted it to be as ethical as a leather bag could be.

sewing for beginners

We start by drawing a simple picture of what the end product might look like. From that we can work out dimensions and make a sewing pattern.

leather bag classes

Phillippa chose the really thick orange bubble leather. This is great on many counts: it is the pre-consumer waste from furniture manufacturing, its really thick so it doesn't crease easily. 
Did you know: The grain refers to the part of the hide, the texture, the bubble texture is actually embossed on during production. 

Sewing Patterns

We cut all the bits we need first. Then we make the handles. Handles are deceptive - they can be easy, or, they can be a complete nightmare!

leather handles

First we glue, then we cut and stitch, finally we Edge Kote. Tip: its easier with sharp tools and Edge Koteing can be messy, so better to do before assembling the bag if you can.

Leather Seams

You can chose not to glue your seams open, it will give your bag a slightly different look at the end. It's nice to have perfectly matching seams, glued, neat and tidy on the inside of your bag. From the outside you will see a much flatter seam.

 Best bag workshop ever