Sewing up your Moccasins


Excuse the rough videos - but they will still take you through the process to create those cute little shoes.

It's time to sew your Moccasins! This project takes about an hour or even longer per shoe.

Start with this video - Preparing the leather.
REMEMBER - you only have a small amount of leather, so: draw the patterns onto the leather first before you begin to cut - to make sure everything fits.


Time to Sew up the heel:

04. Glue in the heel lining

05. Sewing up the toe - 

06. Thread the cord into the shoe

07. Finishing touches

  • Pull and prod the shoes until they are a similar shape.
  • Use your needle to poke the creases out in the toe.
  • Stuff tissue into the toe to get it the way you want it.
  • Trimming the shearling on the heels very carefully is a great way to get the little boots to look like a pair.

After a couple of days stuffed with tissue the moccasins will take on that shape themselves. And voilås - your own hand made cute-as-can-be slippers!