How to make a leather backpack

Sasha’s partner surprised her with a bag workshop whilst on holiday! He chose the 2-day crash course bag workshop. On this 'make your own bag’ sewing course you design a large bag and are supported to complete it.

Pattern design

Sasha chose to make a backpack out of the burnt orange leather. It’s a firm favourite here. It's a really great colour, it’s the by-product of a local upholsterer, it's so thick it doesn’t really crease and has an amazing grain, giving it loads of texture.

Sasha's geometric patchwork design worked well with the smaller pieces of reclaimed leather I had collected.
Having cut out the pattern she applied fusing to give her finished bag extra structure.

structure in leather bags

leather bag workshop

Attachments for straps also needed to be designed and made.

making leather bag straps

making a leather bag

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Once made, deciding where exactly the straps should go is a design decision.

leather bag making

Once the decision is made, they are applied right at the very end using rivets and a rivet press.

making a backpack

Finished! It's a really unique handmade leather backpack. 

sewing courses

Beautiful backpack in action!

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