Accessories Kits Competition

The world of DIY jewellery is so good that you should actually make your own! We have lots of kits to give away. Enter our competitions to win yours.


    1. Inspiration
    2. Tips for making your accessories
    3. Painting ideas

There are so many beautiful designs to get inspiration from and that are easy to replicate you are sure to be able to make your own great jewellery yourself. 

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    Inspiration: Amazing Makes

    What could be better than accessorising your outfit with jewellery that works perfectly because you designed it.

    Tips for making your accessories

    • The shapes come in very absorbent leather - so you could use any paint or pens to design your earrings
    • If you would like to remove some rough edges, use diamond paper, or the highest grade sandpaper you can find and gently sand the rough edges away.
    • Access to glue, a hole punch and pliers will help you make a bigger variety of accessories.
    • Paint the back and the sides before you start on the front
    • when the leather absorbs the paint it will bend - gently bend it back until it is straight again.

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    DIY accessories kit


    Painting ideas: Try smudging your paints

    Painting ideas: Leopard Print

    Painting Ideas: Abstract Art

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